Study tips

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Notice how you get better if you just sleep well. How much extra effort and energy appears, if the elementary time to eat. Some students, trying to compensate for irresponsible approach to learning during the semester, apply during the session, to all sorts of dope. This is the most stupid thing to do the night before an important test or exam, especially if you have not dealt with this drug. Know what side effects and individual intolerance? In the best case nothing will happen, not the worst hospital and a failed session.

To encourage young people to Soju probably naive. Still you won’t listen. In this case, try to take a word and try a simple experiment: take food, sport and recreation under the control of just a couple of weeks and see what happens.

Follow the diet during the day. Learn the basics of nutrition and learn how to cook even basic healthy meals. Proper nutrition, with self-cooking, by the way, not necessarily expensive, will give you energy and strength for productive study.

Add in a life of daily morning exercises and 2-4 full body workout per week in addition to the athletic program of the University. Choose any sport that you like. Running, soccer, tennis, gym, bar, swimming — no difference. Physical activity has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and brain function, endurance, General health and improves the quality of sleep.

Do not sacrifice sleep. Ask yourself the question: “What is most important to me? Another game or the ability to rest well to unlearn and become even closer to the cherished goal?”

About Finance students, on the contrary, I think, very much. All because money is not always enough. Try part time in the specialty. So you get not only additional funds, but experience, ability to solve real problems, and a General idea of what adult life is.

The problem of an empty wallet solves a well informed approach to their health. Reduced spending on entertainment releases a decent amount on more important things:

Good food. Waste your money on the highest quality food. Seriously. Your young and still growing bodies that need it the most.

Educational laptop. To chase trends and capacity makes no sense. You need a workhorse — affordable, convenient and the most functional, but without excess capacity. The laptop loses the tablet in mobility, but does so much more and is much better suited for typing.

Economical printer. You will have a lot of typing. Very much. Regardless of the specialty. Even techies who have the idea everything should be digital these days, still print hundreds of pages for each semester. Obviously, to print one, even a great job cheaper than buying a printer, but if you look at it across the whole training time, then buy a printer becomes much more profitable.

G Canon Pixma is the perfect printer for students. Pixma series G is designed and developed with one goal — to print a lot cheaper. Inkjet technology is not inferior in quality to the laser, but the price of a print is much lower. Refillable ink Pixma G increased volume in the front of the printer. You will always know how much ink is left, and if necessary, easily, quickly and for minimum money to replenish their stock.

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